X300 – The Real Home Lift Made Just For You
Elite Elevators is proud to introduce our newest home lift, the X300. The X300 is an affordable, and state-of-the-art home elevator where your comfort takes centre stage. With a glass body, faster and smoother performance and great RoS (Returns on Space), the X300 is your go-to vertical mobility solution. We’ve merely covered the tip of the iceberg — with the first-ever multi-mode function and aluminium frame, the X300 is packed to the brim with exclusive features.

Double the speed, double the performance
We’ve accelerated the speed limit on the X300 to help you move quickly. The X300 offers speeds of 1 metre per second — two times the speed of our other home lifts. You get limitless speed, powered by a gearless belt drive for maximum impact.


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