Elite Elevators ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator Italy

Elite Elevators has tied up with Italy-based Thyssenkrupp Access, the global manufacturer of home/Residential elevators, wheelchair lifts and stair lifts to launch high-end elevators in India.

The newly launched H300 elevators, which are based on gearless cog-belt technology, will be custom-made and imported from Italy by paying a Customs duty of 40 per cent.

Even before the official launch, the company has already received booking for installation of three elevators. Targeted at high-end customers, each H300 elevator is priced at ₹35 lakh and the company sees huge demand for their use in bungalows, duplex apartments and luxury condos.



Farid Oilad Adj Amar, Head of Business Development, Thyssenkrupp, said the vision behind developing the high-end elevators with modern functionality and safety parameters is to fight the increase in elevator accidents in India.

The price range of H300 has been kept at a considerably economical level when compared with the retail price in neighbouring countries. Vimal R Babu, Director, Elite Elevators, said with no requirement for a pit or headroom, the new elevator can save a lot of space when fitted in a bungalow or high-end commercial places which can derive considerable rent.

Considering the saving and earning potential of the commercial property, the investment made in installation of this lift is justified, he said.

“We see demand for these lifts coming largely from Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Goa where individual houses are still prevalent,” he said.


No manufacturing plans

Confirming that Thyssenkrupp Access has no plans to set up manufacturing unit in India, Cristiano Gianneschi, Managing Director, Thyssenkrupp Encasa srl (Italy), said the company has reinvented the technology behind home elevator with the new patented cog- belt system which not only provides a smooth ride for customers, but also meets stringent safety norms.

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